5 things to take with you to your interview

To overcome anxiety, to be confident in their abilities, and ready for any surprises, the applicant just needs to have these five things with him during the interview.

Paper version of the resume

Think about how many resumes the HR manager had to turn around before he invited you for an interview. Moreover, on this day, HR can interview not only you but also several other applicants. In such conditions, forgetting exactly what attracted a specialist to your candidacy, or even losing the electronic version of the document, is as easy as shelling pears.

Therefore, we advise you to take with you a printed copy of your resume. This will help the HR manager to conduct the interview as efficiently as possible, and you will be remembered for being prudent and will establish yourself as a caring colleague.


If you are a representative of the creative profession, then you have a portfolio. Whether it’s a folder with printed examples of your work or electronic documents on a USB flash drive, you should take your portfolio with you to your interview. Interestingly, nowadays, representatives of the artistic professions can completely refuse to write a resume, completely replacing it with a cool portfolio.

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Notepad and pen

Perhaps you have an excellent memory, and you remember word for word what the HR will tell you. But it’s still worth having a nice notebook and pen with you. The presence of these seemingly simple items will present you in the eyes of an HRH as a serious, responsible person. And if you don’t have an eidetic memory like Sheldon Cooper, you still have to write something down.


Naturally, at the interview you will be offered a glass of water, but where to find life-giving moisture before that. Let’s say you get a job in the summer: take a ride in a hot bus, walk on the asphalt melting in the sun in search of the very office, while worrying about not being late. And here comes the HR and says “Hello!”, and your throat is dry. Squeezing out a decent greeting in this situation is not easy, so take a bottle of water with you.

And here’s another life hack: drinking water in small sips before the interview will help to cope with anxiety.

Great mood

A sincere smile is a secret weapon. Become optimistic to win over and convince such a sensitive manager that you are the best candidate.