4 dangerous misconceptions about long-term job searches

Have you been looking for a job for a long time and already thinking about giving up? Then read this article for the advice and warnings of career expert Courtney Whitehead.

Many factors affect how long it will take you to find your next job. That being said, most people are still frustrated that they have to look for work much longer than they expected. Their persistence may be shaken. To avoid this, you need to remember four dangerous misconceptions about the long-term job search.

Courtney Whitehead is the author of Work in General: How to Combine Spiritual Beliefs and Work to Live Life to the fullest. She identified and described four misconceptions that are bound to arise from a long job search.

Misconception 1: Most people find jobs faster than me

When looking for a job for a long time, you compare yourself with working friends, perhaps relatives, former colleagues, and it starts to seem to you that your epic is the longest.

That’s okay: almost every job seeker goes through a period when they don’t feel as in-demand as they hoped. At times like these, it’s worth remembering that every job search is unique. And also that what you want and what the market has to offer doesn’t always agree.

Sometimes it seems that to this or that person a new job just fell from the sky. But we may not know how much work he put into his professionalism and career.

Misconception 2: The longer you look, the worse the job you get

As the search progresses, any job seeker gets more clarity about their priorities and expectations from a new job. Therefore, it is not surprising that you can become more flexible in some criteria.

This does not mean that you agree to imperfect work due to a lack of competence. Just by the time you receive an offer, you will be more informed about the situation on the market and more soberly assess its advantages and disadvantages. In fact, long-term job searches have a beneficial effect on the clarity of the evaluation of proposals.

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Misconception 3: Duration of job search reflects my professional value

There is no way to build a career that will forever protect you from the need for a long job search. The skills that are in demand today may become obsolete tomorrow. An industry that is actively developing leaders now may not be relevant the next time you need a job.

If you’re not on the hiring trend, don’t waste time blaming yourself. You have chosen a career for a reason, and it is not worth regretting if your industry is declining. This doesn’t make you a less capable and valuable employee.

Be proactive in meeting current market needs, but don’t deny your past achievements. Take pride in your experience because that sense of accomplishment will help you maintain confidence throughout the search process. At the same time, you can always play it safe and develop in advance the professional qualities of the future.

Misconception 4: I can be unemployed

After months of looking for a job, it may seem to you that employment is, in principle, impossible. A rebel will wake up in you, and you will declare: “It’s okay, I will be unemployed.” Resist this urge.

Remind yourself often that long job searches can be brutal, but they end up in the end. The only way to fail when your job search is to stop looking.

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