5 critical mistakes when starting a job search

If you have made any of these fail once, then you will not repeat it. If not yet, this article will save you from mistakes in the future.

We present you with five typical failures that await a person at the initial stages of a job search.

Don’t write a resume

In most professions, it is impossible to find a job without a resume. And if you were going to do without this document and simply send your name and phone number to the employer, or simply call and “ask for” for an interview, forget it – nothing will come of it.

Yes, representatives of some professions do not need to write a resume to get a job. The portfolio is enough for them. However, this does not mean that a resume would be superfluous in this case.

After all, writing a resume will help you not only tune in to your job search but also remember your unique skills, abilities, and talents. In the process, you will also organize your data about your work path and, without realizing it, prepare yourself for a self-presentation at an interview.

Lying on your resume

Worse than the complete absence of a resume, only the use of false or exaggerated data in it. The topic of lying in resumes has been raised many times in books and feature films, but these stories are not instructive for everyone.

Ironically, the most self-assured liars are brought out during the interview phase. Therefore, we urge you to think three times before embellishing your resume.

Apply to all vacancies without looking

The next typical fail is to go to the job site and start sending resumes to all employers who offer what you think are decent wages.

It is a bad idea not to read the text of a vacancy before applying for it. It’s like buying a pig in a poke. As a result, you will only waste time and energy on reviews in the company that does not suit you, and companies that you do not suit.

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Agree to all interviews

Thoughtlessly promising to show up for all interviews where you are invited is a failure. Some job seekers, especially those who like to send resumes to twenty companies in twenty minutes described in the previous paragraph, even schedule several interviews at the same time.

What is the job seeker guided by at this moment? The belief that the more interview invitations he accepts, the more chances he will get a job.

Either he just suffers from insecurity and is embarrassed to refuse the HR manager who so generously invites him to a meeting, or to offer to postpone it to another time.

The result of trying to sit on two, three, or more chairs is understandable. The unfortunate applicant does not have time to attend part of the interviews or even completely forgets that he had some appointments, which leads us to the next, fifth, job search failure.

Don’t tell me if you miss an interview

Remember, if for some reason you can not appear at the appointment appointed by HR, then warn him. Do you respect other people’s time? Making a short phone call is not that difficult.

Who knows, maybe life will turn out so that in the future you will again apply for a position in the same company. Protect your reputation as a diligent job seeker.

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