5 signs of a terrible job

Finding a job you like is not easy. But there is a big difference between one that almost makes up for the dream job and one that risks becoming a real nightmare.

Employment is not an easy process: there is always a risk of getting into a bad team or to unscrupulous employers. You don’t have to be Sherlock to figure them out, just a little observation.

The interview is poorly organized

Rescheduling an interview is an everyday matter, especially when the interview is not supposed to be with one person, and it is not always possible to combine the leaders. But if the HR manager has already postponed the deadline several times, or is late for the meeting, or is completely unprepared for it, it’s bad.

After all, if a company shows itself like this even at the interview stage, when it is interested in a specialist, then what will happen next?

The employer is trying to “sell” himself to you as quickly as possible

Of course, it’s nice to hear already at the interview: “Are you a good match for us when you start?”. And this is likely if the firm is small or the position is linear. But in a serious company, it usually takes more than one interview and more than one hour of thought to decide on a candidate.

If this is the case, then it is worth considering: why is the company so desperate for a job seeker? Or maybe they don’t want you to have time to gather more information about your future job?

You can’t figure out what you have to do

If at the interview they cannot clearly describe your future responsibilities, and the potential employer says: “We will figure it out during the work”, “The main thing is to start, and then we will see”, this is a cause for concern because maybe he himself has no idea what to do with you.

Even a newly formed company or start-up should have a clear idea of ​​what each employee will do in a particular position.

Otherwise, how will your work and your performance be assessed?

High turnover

Remember, have you come across this ad before? Maybe a few months ago you already came across it – and it is possible that a qualified specialist, having seen the place of work, quickly “reeled up his fishing rods”. Or the employee has already been fired, which means that the company does not tolerate mistakes, and the boss’s character is not sugar.

Inflated Salary

If an employer easily promises you thousands, this is joyful, exciting, and should alert you. You know how much the specialists of your level in your region receive on average.

It’s great, of course, that you were lucky enough to get to an employer who finally appreciated you. But it is better to clarify again: does not include the amount that is announced during the interview, bonuses, bonuses, and “tips”.

Besides, the employer can mean the salary without deducting taxes, but in reality pay, the lower limit of the promised amount, the minimum salary, and everything else remains only in the dreams of the employee.

Even if everything looks good at first glance, do not lose your guard. Not only outright scammers but also quite decent-looking firms can mislead you. Therefore, do not relax, carefully assess the situation and make an informed decision.

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