7 promising blockchain-related professions

If you know what blockchain is and what it is eaten with, then it’s time to look for a job where you can take full advantage of this skill.

Blockchain is a technology that uses a continuous chain of blocks with information. The technology is unique, since blockchains are stored on many computers, and there is no central hub, so no one can destroy the entire system in one move.

Blockchain technology is used not only for mining cryptocurrencies, but it can also be applied in many other areas – from trading any commodity to voting in elections. It is not for nothing that some experts call blockchain the main technological breakthrough since the invention of the Internet.

Already, many companies, including real business giants, are looking for specialists with blockchain skills. And here are seven blockchain-related professions that interest them.

Content Manager

Demand for information about blockchain technology is consistently high, and accordingly, the demand for bloggers and copywriters who have taken up this topic is growing.

To create content about the blockchain, you need to have deep knowledge about it, and also be able to convey it even to “dummies”. Or have general knowledge and a developed ability as a researcher.

What will a content creator do on the blockchain? Create educational articles, videos, infographics, talk about the news of the world of blockchain technology and related services, prepare official documents.

Blockchain Developer

A recent study found that demand for blockchain developers with expertise in JavaScript, C ++, Python, cryptography, and machine learning grew 115% between 2016 and 2017.

Employers pay special attention when looking for a developer to experts on:

  • C ++, HTML;
  • MVC pattern;
  • Visual Studio ruler tools;
  • Microsoft SQL Server database management system;
  • AJAX and REST technologies;
  • SOAP messaging protocol;
  • Agile Scrum project management method;
  • Neural-network.

Blockchain developer is committed to helping integrate blockchain technology into enterprise operations to improve existing services and introduce new ones. For example, a developer will help create internal crypto-coins of the company, for which regular customers can receive bonuses.

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Blockchain Application Developer or Blockchain Engineer

This specialist can identify the technical needs of the company and create a blockchain application to solve them.

To get such a job easily, you need to be proficient in Java and Solidity programming languages, know the Oracle Identity software suite, have database management skills, and understand the Hyperledger Fabric, Ripple blockchain platforms, and the Bitcoin payment network.

Web designer

Companies are looking for web designers who can create attractive and functional user interfaces for blockchain projects. If you are a gladiator in this area, polish your armor and get ready to fight.

Crypto broker

A crypto broker is an employee of a brokerage firm that trades on a cryptocurrency exchange.

It should be warned that cryptocurrency is a rather risky investment. To be successful in this area, you need to be armed with more than just the right technical skillset, you need business acumen (stock exchange experience can also be useful).

Crypto Community Manager

Crypto Community Manager – This type of manager plays a very important role in the success of any crypto project, especially in building reputation, awareness, and interaction with potential clients. Also, the crypto community manager is responsible for the pace of development of the project.

It is difficult for any startup to succeed without the help of a community manager, and with the rapid growth in the number of companies based on cryptography and blockchain technology, the demand for Crypto Community Manager services is likely to only grow.

Legal Counsel

Given the high level of uncertainty associated with the blockchain industry, the need for qualified legal advisors is hard to deny.

Specialists are in demand who can provide advice on structuring the legal framework and deal with legal issues that arise in the course of work.

You do not need to be a technical specialist to get a position, but you must have the appropriate license and basic knowledge of blockchain.

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