Hostage of your own resume: how to break out of the shackles of work experience and change profession

Many job seekers who decide to change their field of activity face the same problem – previous work experience only gets in the way. How to stop being hostage to your own resume once and for all?

Changing the field of activity invariably requires making changes to the resume of a specialist. But which ones? In this article, we will tell you what exactly should be rewritten on the resume when you master a new profession.

Add target

We know, we know, in most materials on the topic of creating or improving a resume (and in our articles as well) it is said that it is better to remove the goal from the resume. However, the situation when you move into a new area is an exception.

Think for yourself, the employer will be very surprised when a person with ten years of experience as an economist sends a resume for a gardener job. He may take it for a mistake and will not pay attention to your candidacy at all. You can quickly dot the i’s by talking about your desire to build another career at the very beginning of your resume – that is, in the goal.

Skills, not experience

Usually, the basis of the text of any resume is a story about work experience. But we know that in this case, the experience is the anchor that pulls you back and prevents you from mastering new spaces. Therefore, in your new resume, you should keep the description of the duties that you performed before to a minimum.

Instead of this, in the story of your career path, focus on the achievements and, first of all, the useful skills acquired (especially those that will be useful in a new place).

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Talk about personal qualities

Also, in the improved resume, special attention should be paid to those personal qualities that may be useful to you in a new job. If you have already used your “superpower” in a previous position that you want to leave, share it in your resume anyway. After all, one character trait can be useful in completely different fields of activity. For example, stress resistance is necessary for both the manicurist and the bank teller; perseverance – to both the seamstress and the accountant; creative thinking – for both journalist and landscape designer.

What have you learned so far?

If you are one of those people who carefully prepare for the changes in their life, then you took the change of the field of activity as seriously as possible and have already completed several courses, completed training, watched the webinar. Mention this in your resume – this will show your future employer that you are interested in a new field and have the basic knowledge.

Get rid of your resume

Sometimes a resume that no longer characterizes you is better to simply delete. In some professions, it is not required at all; instead, the future employer is offered to view the portfolio, video presentation of the applicant, or check the completed test task.

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