How to get a dream job: top 5 recommendations from an HR director

Many of us would like to find a dream job that will bring pleasure, development, and, of course, financial stability. But sometimes the search becomes a rather laborious process that requires a lot of effort and time.

Grab the employer’s attention

Working for the best company is a natural desire for each of us. Accordingly, we must be aware that the best employers receive many applications for their jobs. In order not to get lost in the stream of resumes on job sites, take an individual approach – report yourself through other channels.

Clear motivation

You may have already heard this recommendation many times, but it remains very relevant. Every employer needs to understand what the candidate wants, and when during the interview he receives the answer: “I just want to develop, I don’t know, but I want to learn something new” or “I will consider all the proposals, I can do everything to me everything is interesting”, then he understands that the candidate does not have a specific goal or direction of development, which means that it is not a fact that this vacancy or company will suit him.

The desire to develop is very good, but it is better to reduce ephemeral perception to clear expectations. Before contacting an employer, think about and state your goals and desires. You can indicate a specific position that is interesting or describe the direction in which you want to become an expert, what specific skills to acquire. Also, a pleasant bonus for the employer will be your motivating desire to work in this particular company or field.

The strongest will win in the battle of resume

Be extremely careful with your resume – this is your calling card and precious pass to an interview. A professional recruiter conducts an initial screening of a resume, on average, 15 seconds. If the resume is “catchy”, he moves on to a more detailed study.

The attention of a recruiter will be attracted by a bright resume with visual elements. This trend has been gaining momentum over the past three years, and employers want to see beautiful, creative resumes not only from designers but also from specialists from other fields.

Use graphic elements to display your level of English or skills, add logos of companies you worked for, you can display work experience in the form of a graph, and use the appropriate icons for your hobbies and interests.

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Preparing for an interview

Just being on time and looking good is not enough for the best employer. Check out the company’s website, career page, social networks. There you can find not only information about products, the history of the company, but also important details about corporate culture, success, career development based on real examples, noisy corporate parties, goodies, and loyalty programs for employees.

Also, you should prepare for the interview itself: of course, each interview is individual and special, but there is a list of standard questions that may come across more often than others. Think about how you will present yourself, what strengths and development zones you have, what are your goals for the year ahead, or five, what inspires you in your work.

Think about guidelines. For some employers this is important, so be prepared to name people who can recommend you and provide their contacts. Also, prepare a list of your questions, since you have already thoroughly familiarized yourself with the company and the vacancy, you have something to ask.

Stay connected

Of course, after all the stages of the interview, we hope to get a job offer, but sometimes we get a refusal, and, of course, it hurts us. The main recommendation is to accept rejections correctly and stay in touch with HR. Do not forget that the world is very small: both HR and recruiters constantly communicate with each other and are in professional communities where they can share good candidates and recommend you to other companies.

Each HR has a pool of top candidates with whom he stays in touch and can suggest new opportunities at any time when he moves to another company or accepts a new vacancy in an agency.

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