Where to learn a new profession if it is not taught at the university

The world is developing rapidly, new demanded professions appear. However, universities do not always keep up with technological progress and cannot offer programs for new specialties. How to become an SMM-manager, layout designer, or web designer if there are no such specialties at universities? There is only one way – courses. Of course, you can […]

Top 5 fall curriculum for students

FOMOSO (Analytical internship on shaping the image of European countries) Contributing to world politics online is not a dream, but a real opportunity. If you feel that you are ready for more, everything is in your hands! The independent non-profit organization FOMOSO promotes knowledge and interests regarding political processes in the countries of Eastern, Central, […]

Change your profession and do not regret: 6 steps to action

If you have reached the ceiling in your business, your salary is not growing, and career advancement is not expected, it may be worth considering changing your specialization. It is always difficult to change jobs, and sometimes there is a feeling that it is completely impossible. But even if you cannot do what you love […]

Hostage of your own resume: how to break out of the shackles of work experience and change profession

Many job seekers who decide to change their field of activity face the same problem – previous work experience only gets in the way. How to stop being hostage to your own resume once and for all? Changing the field of activity invariably requires making changes to the resume of a specialist. But which ones? […]

How to get a dream job: top 5 recommendations from an HR director

Many of us would like to find a dream job that will bring pleasure, development, and, of course, financial stability. But sometimes the search becomes a rather laborious process that requires a lot of effort and time. Grab the employer’s attention Working for the best company is a natural desire for each of us. Accordingly, […]