Where to learn a new profession if it is not taught at the university

The world is developing rapidly, new demanded professions appear. However, universities do not always keep up with technological progress and cannot offer programs for new specialties.

How to become an SMM-manager, layout designer, or web designer if there are no such specialties at universities? There is only one way – courses. Of course, you can learn everything yourself, but then you must have a very strong portfolio to qualify for the dream job.

How to choose courses

  • Of course, weekly courses will not make you a high-quality designer or developer, they will only help you improve your skills. Therefore, pay attention to courses that last several months. You will have to go to classes 2-3 times a week, do your homework, and graduate work.
  • If you have absolutely no knowledge in the area you want, look for courses that have the words “Basics” or “For Beginners” in the title.
  • The curriculum should include a few lessons with introductory basic information, such as the history of design. They are necessary for you to dive into the sphere and know where it all began.
  • Check the instructors. Watch not only their work but also look for talks at conferences or webinars. Because not every professional in their field can be a good teacher, and video lectures will give at least some idea of ​​teaching abilities.
  • Read the reviews about the courses themselves. See if alumni whose reviews schools can publish are working in the specialty they’ve acquired or find their portfolio.

Which format to choose

Online Courses

In the age of modern technology, there is nothing easier than getting a quality education. If you speak English, you can get a certificate from anywhere in the world. This has its advantages: most of the English-language materials are more relevant, which means that your value as a specialist will be greater.

Online courses are convenient because you can get a new profession without leaving your home. Watch lectures, do your homework when it suits you. On the Internet, you can get the profession of a strategist, copywriter of a creative agency, art director, developer, tester, designer, or anyone else.

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Offline Courses

The main advantage of offline courses is the teacher’s high involvement in the learning process. If something doesn’t work out for you, the curator will immediately show you what is wrong and how to fix the error. Live communication with classmates can also be considered an advantage because during the conversation you can discuss material or difficulties in completing homework.

More recently, popular courses for creative professions introduce a new format of training: courses last a year. It is possible that such training programs can replace a full-fledged education at the university.

Company rates

Large IT companies often organize courses with further employment. The obvious plus is that you have a chance to get a dream job after completing your studies. But to get to these courses, you need to have at least basic knowledge of the chosen profession.

The advantage of this type of training is also that you get more practice, see how companies work, and learn what requirements they put forward to job seekers.

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